We treat your back-office processes as Shiny Things.

Your back-office processes are probably not the "shiny things" that get your daily focus, but if they do not get any of your focus, then perhaps we should talk because they are "shiny things" to CP Advantage.

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Back Office Process Optimization

How efficient are your business intake, operations, and back-office processes?

Microsoft License
Resale & Support

What is your monthly spend and how does your firm leverage Microsoft Office 365?

Managed Data Backup Service

Is your firm at-risk without complete back-ups of Microsoft Office 365 data?

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Upgrade Your Core Processes

CP Advantage helps small and mid-size organizations work through operational challenges in an ever-changing and unpredictable business environment. If Covid-19 proved nothing else in 2020, it highlighted the need for companies to be nimble and adapt to change.

With an increase in the volume and complexity of cyber-attacks, more organizations are subject to evolving business compliance standards, presenting both a business risk and a potential impact on future growth.

Now is the time to review and rework your core back-office processes. We provide practical and cost-efficient consulting support.

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